''the maximum volume with light feeling''

Product Details

Carnauba wax: defined lashes 

Film formers: great curl effect, curve maintainance also in humidity condition 

Natural origin jellifying agents: thicker lashes 

Soya Lecithin: to stabilize the emulsion 

Bees wax: volumizing effect

SILK PROTEIN: creates a protective barrier that attaches the keratin of the eyelashes, carrying a moisturizing and soothing action.


BRUSH with EOS-fibre: Due to its football shape, the brush allows a very convenient application. The semi-closed surface of the brush enables an improved deposit of the bulk and delivers the formulation on the lashes more evenly. Great lengthening effect due to the arrangement of the bristles. They grab noticeably the lashes from the root to the tip and make them longer. Improved separation effect thanks to the stiffer EOS fiber. The secret of this fibre is its irregular surface: This is what makes it possible to pick up plenty of the formula and apply it just as quickly. The surface of the fibre also enables a dosed delivery of the bulk with every single stroke. The stronger the fibre is, the better separation can be achieved.


TESTS: 1- This mascara has been “Ophtalmologically Tested”. It is safe to be used in the periocular area even of subjects with contact lenses.

2- In order to evaluate the curling efficacy of this mascara 20 women applied the product onto their eyelashes by a three shot application, only for one time. The analysis of the digital images taken before and after the mascara application showed a statistically significant increase (p < 0.0001) in the eyelashes curvature, equal to +44%.


THE RESULT: Beautifully curled, elongated and defined lashes for PERFECTIONIST’s!