''the maximum volume with light feeling''

Product Details

Next generation mascara for incredible lash volume. Separates lashes with precision and without clogging. Intensely black lashes are a velvet frame to a feminine and sensual look! 


It has a really creamy texture that makes the application easy and comfortable. 


It gives thickness and definition to your lashes, but best of all it grants an amazing curl effect and holds the curve: goodbye lashes curler! 


    • Defined lashes with Carnauba wax.
    • Great volume & curl effect due to Film Formers.
    • Thicker lashes with Natural origin jellifying agents.
    • Extra volumizing 3D effect with Bees wax.
    • SILK PROTEIN creates a protective barrier that attaches the keratin of the eyelashes, carrying a moisturizing and soothing action.


A strategic combination of pigments enables to achieve an extreme black effect which does not leave any black spots under the eyes and that can be easily removed with your usual make-up remover. 


The formula is supported by a special ingredient for maximum adhesion to the eyelashes; immediate and soft grip that allows the modeling lashes. They seem to be amplified and emphasised by the ultra-black effect. 


Moreover this mascara is long wearing, so it doesn’t clump, flake or smudge, making you feel perfect all day long.


BRUSH with deltasoftFIBER: The brush has a classic conical / cylindrical shape which is perfect for lengthening & wonderful defining results. The conical shape at the tip enables a convenient application. Thanks to the triangular shaped deltasoftFIBER the eyelashes get perfectly separated and defined. Due to the big diameter of the wire the brush has a semi-closed surface. This enables an improved deposit of the bulk and delivers the formula on the lashes evenly.  


TESTS: 1- This mascara has been “Ophtalmologically Tested”. It is safe to be used in the periocular area even of subjects with contact lenses.

2- In order to evaluate the curling efficacy of this mascara 20 women applied the product onto their eyelashes by a three shot application, only for one time. The analysis of the digital images taken before and after the mascara application showed a statistically significant increase (p < 0.0001) in the eyelashes curvature, equal to +44%.


THE RESULT: Bold, open eyes + volumized & lengthened & curled ultra-black lashes with an elegant, seductive style of 3D effect.