''the maximum volume with light feeling''

Product Details

A precision Liquid Liner in water resistant formula that delivers silky deep black colour onto your eyes without smudging. 

The innovative applicator gives you the ability to achieve a natural look to the most dramatic look. 

Perfectly developed 2 in 1 applicator;

  • Soft as a brush
  • Preciese as a nylon applicator

It glides easily over lids for a total precision in thin & thick style line.

It dries quite quickly giving the right time to adjust the shape. 

The formula contains Silk Protein, these amino acids create a protective barrier that carrying a moisturizing and soothing action. 

It provides you triple aadvantages;

  • Easier to use, easy to control, easy to define!

Dermatologically tested.

Long Lasting. 

Comes off easily with normal facial cleanser.