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To be able to have a flawless-finishy make-up you need to prepare your skin. Cleansing the Skin, Moisturizing the Skin...

To be able to have a flawless-finishy make-up you need to prepare your skin:

Step: Cleansing the Skin
You should cleanse your skin with an appropirate make-up cleanser and then activate with tonic water

Step: Moisturizing the Skin
After applying skin care cream and under eye cream, your skin is ready to make-up now
in order to reach permanent and effective results, you should follow this order in make-up:

1- Face Make-Up:

  • foundation
  • concealer
  • powder
  • blusher

2- Eye Make-Up:

  • shadow
  • eyeliner\pencil
  • mascara

3- Lip Make-Up:

  • pencil
  • lipstick
  • lipgloss


Let's Face It...!

Without a little help, no one has absolutely flawless skin. That's where foundation, concealer and powder come in. These key three face products create a beatiful base for the rest of your make-up. Your face make-up should blend so well that all others see is your perfect complexion. And brighten up with a healthy sweep of blush to have everyone's complimets

FOUNDATiON provides smoothness to your face and prepare your face to make-up. Selection of foundation cream is essential for a successful result and beatiful skin. The structure of the foundation you use must be suitable for your skin type and colour. There are four major skin types- normal, oily, dry and combination.

  • if your skin type is normal, you are lucky. You can use almasty any face product.


  • if your skin type is oily, try to combat the oil by using toners and astringents containing alcohol. Buy oil free, water- based make-up, and use powder to minimize shine.
  • if your skin type is dry, your skin thirsts for hydrating oil-based make-up. Avoid toners and make-up that contain alcohol as it dries out skin.
  • if your skin type is combination, reduce shine on your T-Zone with oil-absorbing make-up. Consider balancing the needs of other areas of your face with a foundation for normal or dry skin.
  • if your skin type is sensitive, prevent allergic reactions by sticking to hypoallergenic make-up.


  • Apply foundation cream on your foreheadinose, cheeks and chin with circuler motion. Start with small amount. Decide how much coverage you want. if you need you can increase.
  • Spread on all your face from the middle towards sides pressing on your skin with your fingers from middle to sides. Have it absorbed on your neck and towarrds ears.
  • if you want a proffessional result, rub foundation base towards to out of the face with a moisturized foam rubber.
  • Wait some time in order tolet foundation cream to be fixed on your skin before starting other applications.

Hints for foundation application;


if you have any blemishes or unevenness, you can trust foundation to give you the coverage to create a perfect, even complexion. Not everyone, however, may want to apply foundation all over. Healthy, unblemished skin doesn't need to be totally covered Apply face products selectively in areas of uneven skin tone, usually along your nose and cheeks. For a more natural look, consider skipping foundation and use concealer to hide small impertfections.

POWDER is an essential port of a make-up. it makes your skin mat, provides integrity and fixes foundation cream.


  • To use a brush is the most suitable application method for powder. Rub the brush on your face with quick motions right to left and up to down. Hence powder will be spread on your face homegenously.

BLUSHER provides activity to the skin. Pay attention to select an appropriate colour to your lipstick colour because it protects colour balance between eyes and lips.

Application :

Shape of your face and the colour of your skin are important while you apply blusher

  • if your face is round, apply blusher towards your temples.
  • if you have long type face, you should keep starting point of blusher in the line of your ears.
  • if your skin colour is too dark or dense, decrease dense of your skin with a powder lighter than your skin.


Set your Sights on Perfect Eyes...!

Since eyes are so expressive, they deserve some serious window treatment. Creat custom looks with the three essentials for supreme style: shadow, liner and mascara. Express your dramatic edge or bring out your natural beauty with colour, definition and lush lashes.

EYESHADOW application allows passing from transparent glance to deep glance with its different colour toners.

Application :