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More important than a mascara formula, the mascara brush types you use to apply them are actually what define the shape and contour that your lashes will take. Top makeup companies even go to the lengths of patenting their mascara brush types. There are various shapes and sizes for different mascara brush types, and it is important to know the characteristics of your own eyelashes so it will be easier to find the mascara brush types that suit you best.


The Different Mascara Brush Types

  • Curved Mascara Brush Types -cause the lash to curl and lift. Proper application is done by moving the brush with the mascara from the outer lash to the inner lash, while sweeping the curved brush slowly from the root to the tip of the lashes. The curved mascara brush types strive for smudge-proof lashes that are visually stunning.
  • Lash Comb Mascara Brush Types - cause a defined separation for your lashes that look thick at the base and have sun-like rays toward the end. Using the lash comb types of mascara brushes, comb your lashes from root to tip. By doing this, a very daring and open-eyed lash curl is then achieved through these types of mascara brushes.
  • Mascara Brush Types with Rubber Bristles - aim to layer individual lashes evenly, even the areas of your eyes that are hard to reach by normal brush types of mascaras. The rubber bristles create eyelashes that look as if each one is uniformly separated from the other without having clumps, smudges or smears. When using mascara brush types with rubber bristles, the coat should be applied only once, from root to tip.
  • Flexible Mascara Brush Types - allow the brush to move freely and reach the root of the lashes deeper than conventional mascara brush types.

*Never buy or keep dried mascara, as it may be harmful for the eyes. According to MAP BEAUTE beauty experts, mascara tubes should be replaced every three months and pumping the mascara wand repeatedly into the tube dries out mascara more quickly. it usually has enough mascara to use already.

**Different mascaras are available in MAP BEAUTE Eye Make-Up Collection to help you achieve the desired look such as curly; separated and clearly defined; longer and more voluminous lashes. Mascara not only colors the lashes but also highlights the eyes as the focal point of your face and may add a dramatic touch to your makeup.