''the maximum volume with light feeling''

To protect our world,
To bring added values to the domestic & global economy,
To make contribution to the social and economical improvement by obligating legal requirements,
To universalize the personal care,
To meet the women from all around the world with different, reliable eye-make-up products with our innovative R&D approach and affordable products with reasonable pricing policy,
To produce high quality products by using modern and high technology and meet the expectations with a customer oriented approach,
To carry product variability and quality to the top levels by following fashion trends and consumer tendencies,
To guarantee the continuity and maintainability of the MAP BEAUTE brand,
To use resources effectively and efficiently by highly dedicated and confident work,
To respect the ethical values and raising the level of qualification of our employees with learning organization structure,
To measure, evaluate and continuously improve ,
To be the first and best brand in change and innovation.