''the maximum volume with light feeling''


It is the dream of every women to look beatiful and and in good shape. That is why they use help of make up products. For centuries, women have been in research of the secrets that will help them attain unique beauty. MAP BEAUTE has historically been at the forefront of this pursuit, making peerless additives to every aspect of the creation of beauty for the MAP BEAUTE woman. The development of new innovative products as well as the production and improvement to existing products takes place in the 5,000 square meter production facility of MAP Cosmetics Group Co. established in Salefchegan Social Economical Zone.

The manufacturing of cosmetics is done by using the latest high technology with a modern approach in the manufacturing process, under hygienic conditions, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic-GMP,

MAP BEAUTE makes the R&D studies with a specialized and experienced team; tests in accordance with the local and international directives on the accredited laboratories before presenting them to the customers.


MAP BEAUTE not only purposes to meet its customer's needs by creating new and innovative products, but also by improving its existing product lines. The professional R&D team enters into the world market reaching a new concept every year by bringing together projects, which are different from one another because of the investments in the technology.

"Leadership, innovativeness and quality", which constitute the basis of our Production Development and Research & Development mission, is the primary factor in our essential respect to our employees and customers and work partners who play a major role in our success. MAP BEAUTE offers its customers the most popular and the newest products and at the same time its portfolio expanding in every product category. Research & Development at MAP BEAUTE operates according to the fundamental principle of the company profile.

Product Development activities are supported by a thorough analysis of customer feedback obtained through extensive market research. MAP BEAUTE's Product Development team not only takes into consideration trends developing domestically, but also trends developing abroad. As a result of this, MAP BEAUTE has not only become a highly recognized brand domestically, but also in the global markets as well.

MAP BEAUTE's peerless beauty products, developed as a result of it's strong, energetic and cultivating Research & Development efforts, are offered to women who know what they want and demand the best. MAP BEAUTE's Research & Development team is always on top of the trends affecting the industry in order to provide new innovative products to the market. Its Research & Development Laboratories is always keeping up with new material and advancing technology. In addition to closely following the trends and advancing technologies, great attention is paid to the global laws and regulations governing the industry. Raw materials used in the development of MAP BEAUTE products are meticulously examined to ensure compliance with all legal and international regulations and are 100% safe for humans. Not only at MAP BEAUTE Research & Development Laboratories, but also at accredited international laboratories, product safety is monitored by conducting efficiency tests.

MAP BEAUTE continues its journey in the world of beauty with the aim of quality and continuous growth with the help of its wide and large experience in the field.